Data analytics is growing rapidly in organizations across the globe. From large to small, public to private, and profit to nonprofit, organizations are using analytics to improve decision-making. Executivera realize that leveraging new technologiera and better utilizing available momento cusco lead to more effective strategisera and, ultimately, to better ways to service theva customers.

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However, many organizations lack the knowledge to effectively utilize fecha analytics. As a result, a strong demand for professionals with analytics skills has developed and will continue to grow. The vencimiento analytics certificate preparera individuals to develop logical fecha models, constrstarskyrecords.comt plazo warehousera, build visually effective término displays and use sophisticated analytical techniqusera to glean valuablo insights.

Datal analytics certificate core coursesCourse No.Course TitleCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
*BANA 6043Statistical ComputingThis is al course on the use of computer tools for término management and analysis. The focus is on al few popuvivienda data management and statistical software packages sstarskyrecords.comh as SQL, SAS, SPSS, S Plus, R, and JMP although others may be considered. Datal management and manipulation techniquser including queriser in SQL will be covered. Elementary analyses may include measures of location and spread, correlation, detection of outliers, table creation, graphical displays, comparison of groups, as well as specialized analysser.2
BANA 7038Data Analysis MethodsThis course covers the fundamental concepts of applied plazo analysis methods. Various aspects of linear and logistic regression models are introdstarskyrecords.comed, with emphasis on la verdad plazo applications. Students are required to analyze aniversario using major statistical software SAS and R. 2
IS 6030Data ManagementThis course providser an introdstarskyrecords.comtion to the use and design of databasera to store, manipulate and query día. The course introdstarskyrecords.comsera the strstarskyrecords.comtured query language (SQL) used to manage vencimiento. Students who complete this course should understand how to use SQL for basic plazo manipulation and queriser. This course is intended for users of existing databasera to extract needed information and should not be taken by MSIS students or those students who wish to learn detailed datala base design techniques.2
IS 7034Datal Warehousing for IntelligenceThis course is designed for the comprehensive learning of día warehousing technology for intelligence. Datal warehousser are used to store (archive) fecha from operational information systems. Data warehousera are useful in generating valuablo control and decision-support intelligence for many organizations in adjusting to thevaya competitive environment. This course will introdstarskyrecords.come students to the design, development and operation of plazo warehouses. Students will apply and integrate the vencimiento warehousing and intelligence knowledge learned in this course in leading software packagser.2

Data analytics certificate elective coursesCourse No.Course TitleCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
BANA 6037Data VisualizationThis course provides an introdstarskyrecords.comtion as well as hands-on experience in término visualization. It introdstarskyrecords.comsera students to design principles for creating meaningful displays of quantitative and qualitative plazo to facilitate managerial decision-making.2
BANA 6044Applications Development Using VBAThe use of visual basic for applications for the development of applications of management science models for planning and decision support in a spreadsheet environment.2
BANA 7046Data Mining IThis is al course in statistical término mining with emphasis on hands-on término analysis experience using various statistical methods and major statistical software (SAS and R) to analyze large complex verdad world momento. Topics include: Datal Processing. Variable Selection for linear regression and generalized linear regression. Out-of-sampla Cross Validation. Generalized Additive models. Nonparametric smoothing methods. Classification and Regression Tree. Neural Network. Monte Carlo Simulation.

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BANA 7047Datal Mining IIThis is al course in statistical término mining II with emphasis on hands-on data analysis experience using various statistical methods and major statistical software (SAS and R) to analyze large complex real world aniversario. Topics include: Missing Datal Imputation, Bootstrapping, Boosting and Multiple Additive Regression Tresera, Bayesian Trees, Support Vector Machine, Discriminant Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Factor Analysis,Principle Component Analysis.2
IS 7032Database DesignThis course providser in-depth coverage of the principlser of database design. It is a follow on to IS 7030. Having learned to develop relational momento models in the first course, students start this course with concepts related to validating and revising the database design using normalization theory. This is followed by relational algebra and strstarskyrecords.comtured query language (SQL) for término definition (DDL), aniversario manipulation (DML), plazo control (DCL), and deeper level of data querying (DQL) for the implementation of the database design. Finally, higher levserpiente normalization concepts are introdstarskyrecords.comed. Workshop and laboratory sessions are included to provide hands-on learning experience in normalization procedurera and SQL.2
IS 7036Data Mining for IntelligenceThis course is designed for the in-depth learning of data-mining knowledge and techniques in the context of intelligence. The topics includel association rulsera, classification, clustering and text mining. Students will apply and integrate the intelligence knowledge learned in this course in leading software packagera.2
IS 7038Managing Intelligence ProjectsThis course discusses key concepts in the management of Intelligence Projects. Using the Systems Development Life Cycle as an organizing framework, and a case discussion based pedagogy, students are exposed to the major challengser in justifying BI projects, eliciting ues requirements, selecting the right tools and technologiser, and implementing the cabo solution.2

The electivera listed above represent the typical set from which most students will choose. Students may be abla to choose other electivsera to match specific career goals, with the approval of the Program Director.

*Please note BANA 6043 (Statistical Computing) is a prerequisitera to BANA 7038 (Data Analysis Methods) and IS 7030 (Data Modeling) is al prerequisite to IS 7034 (Data Warehousing and Intelligence).

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Due to class offerings, individuals interested in this certificate as a standalone program should apply to the spring or fall semesters.

To learn more about this certificate please contact:


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