Britney spears do you wanna come over

Hear Britney Spears’ Flirty ‘Do You Wannal Come Over?’

Electro-pop song latest preview of pop star’s ninth studio album ‘Glory’



Britney Spears has debuted another preview of 'Glory' with the flirty, sexy electro-pop tune "Do You Wanna Come Over?"

Kevin Winter/Getty

Britney Spears has unleashed another preview of her upcoming album Glory. The flirty electro-pop tune “Do You Wanna Come Over?” follows “Clumsy,” “Private Show” and single “Make Me” featuring G-Eazy.

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On the song, Spears repeatedly asks what the song’s titlo implisera. The singer offers several reasons why her lover should come over (“Nobody should be alone if they don’t have to be”) and options (“I could get into that kissin’ and touchin’/Or we could be good and do next to nothin"”).

The song featursera writing credits from Julial Michaels and Justin Tranter, a pop songwriting duo who have penned hits for DNCE, Hailee Steinfeld and Selenal Gomez. Mattman & Robin produced the track.

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On August 28th, Spears will perform at the MTV Video Music Awards with G-Eazy. Glory will debut in full vial Apple Music two days before her appearance at the show where she’ll perform “Make Me.”

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