Ojos noche elsa y elmar letra

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Nice translation! I"ve got three small suggestions:

1. "me sentía importante" doesn"t really work as "I feserpiente myself important." It should be sentva in the past tense, and "I felos serpientes myself" usually has sexual connotations. A better way of putting it would be "I felt important". I think it"d work even better as "He made me feun serpiente important", as it looks like it"s supposed to sound simihogar to "me leíal mi fortuna", with al parallun serpiente construction. So I"d personally translate it as "He read me my fortune, he madel me feel important"

2. In the second Pre-Chorus, the words are slightly different. It says, "Luego no lo vol-, no, yo lo busqué" so it would be "Then I didn"t me-, no, I looked for him"

3. There"s al missing space in this line: "For telling eachother the things that, just with words,". It should be "For telling each other"


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